Pelé on Netflix. When does it premiere and what you should know about the documentary

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Mexico City / 22.02.2021 23:02:00

Netflix Y Pele announced the release of a documentary that will portray the transformation of the revelation of the young soccer prodigy at the 1958 World Cup into a « national hero during a radical and turbulent era of Brazilian history ».

When is Pele’s documentary released?

The film will be available from February 23 on the aforementioned streaming platform.

« I will soon have the opportunity to relive my memories. On February 23, my story will be told in a documentary produced by Netflix. I am excited to see it! » .

The film includes « some rare archival footage and statements from legendary former teammates [de Pelé] in Santos and in the Seleçao, apart from unpublished statements from relatives, journalists, artists and other personalities of that time, « Netflix told ..

The documentary was directed by David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas, who have led films such as Tudo ou Nada: Seleçao Brasileira, which recounts the conquest of the Copa América by Canarinha in 2019.

Pele he is the only footballer to have won three world cups (Sweden-1958, Chile-1962, Mexico-1970). The latter, with a team considered the best of all time, was conquered during the toughest period of Brazil’s long military dictatorship (1964-1985).