Peggy Carter’s cameo in the Loki series


Fans of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe are convinced that they have seen Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) in the Loki series.

Attention SPOILERS. The first episode of the series of Loki on Disney Plus and its interesting history must be added the “easter eggs” that are hidden in any corner as they usually do. Marvel studios with all its deliveries. Now the fans are convinced that a portal of the TVA and an agent is seen to appear next to Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell).

The images of this character go by very quickly, so it is difficult to know if it is her or not. But it must be recognized that the doubt exists, since it seems a lot. Here we leave you the moment of the series of Loki to which we refer:

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What is the series about?

Loki get the Tesseract and escapes, this causes him to break the “sacred timeline” and the agents of the TVA who are in charge of restoring it catch him to judge him. Before they “reset” it, Mobius asks for your help to catch a criminal who is killing other agents of the TVA. Thus an investigation will begin to find out the identity of the new villain and to be able to know where he is hiding. But Loki He has his own plans and will try to fool everyone.

Without a doubt, this series is one of the best that has been released Marvel studios Y here is our review.

The series of Loki premieres on Wednesdays and consists of six episodes in total. While all the enigmas that the program is posing are being solved, we can see all the films where the character has participated on the streaming platform Disney Plus.


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