The presenter Pedro Sola, a member of the Ventaneando program, made some confessions through his channel Youtube.

Known on social media and by the millennial public as “Uncle Pedrito”, the driver uploaded a video in which he revealed how he linked up in the gay world when he was young.

At the beginning of the material, entitled “This happened to me when I was young in my gay life”, explained the differences with today’s life, where other people are known through social networks and spoke specifically about Tinder (although he did not mention the name of the platform).

“There is a social network that I have known people who (even) tell you how far away is (the person with whom you want to connect),” said Pedro, although he assured that he “has not entered” that way of meet people.

The 73-year-old presenter then began to talk about his youth and how gay men knew each other and flirted in a famous spot in Mexico City.

“There was a place in the Insurgentes corner,‘ the magic corner ’”, He recalled about the site on the famous avenue and its intersection with Aguascalientes street, where a store of a famous Mexican chain was located.

Sola was intrigued why the name of that place and they explained that they called it “the magic corner” because “You stop and disappear.”

And it is that young gay men walked through that place to flirt with other men, some of whom arrived there aboard their vehicle, and it was common for them to meet and go from there to other places.

He clarified that although the place had young unemployed, it was not “chichifos” (men who charge for sexual services), but people who were looking for flirt.

“(Was) a momentary flirt at the time when there were no fatal diseases “, pointed out the “Uncle Pedrito”.

“It was always very dangerous because you never knew who you were going to get on with, just like you were a thug, a murderer, a maniac.”

Sola recalled that “the magic corner” was “very helpful at the time. It was a lot of fun and I know a lot of people who linked up there.”

In the video, released over the weekend, Sola already received dozens of comments, most of which asked her to make clips that are longer in length and no less than two minutes long.

Goodbye to the “Ventaneando” forum

Pedro Sola’s recent clip was made in the middle of the quarantine by the coronavirus.

Sola is locked up at home as a preventive measure and is linking from there to the program. Selling.

In fact, already in mid-March both Sola and Pati Chapoy, the owner of the program, broadcast from their homes.

A week later they reappeared in the forum of Aztec TV and so they labored for a few days.

However, in late March it became known that both would quarantine again, so Pedro Sola shared a video on Instagram under the title “A hard farewell.”

He explained that he would transmit again remotely from March 30.

In the clip, the singer “Tío Pedrito” could see a song that said “goodbye, how sad was goodbye, love”, to say goodbye to his colleagues in the forum.

Pati Chapoy’s reaction to her mayonnaise mistake

Pedro Sola’s name made headlines this weekend in the entertainment world in Mexico after his partner in Ventaneando, Daniel Bisogno, reveal what Pati Chapoy’s reaction to the famous mayonnaise mistake.

As it will be remembered, Pedro Sola has been the subject of innumerable memes and jokes because in a commercial mention he made in the middle of the live broadcast, he was confused with the name of the mayonnaise he was announcing.

According to Bisogno, Pedro Sola had rehearsed with a botarga and everything went very well. “We go to the air, live, he goes out and starts talking and says Mayonnaise Mccormick, I swear to you that Chapoy was standing and I heard her say”: You can’t be so pend … “

“Well the one with the botarga, if you look for the video he pauses. ‘Who hired me? Who I am? his interior monologue, where I come from, where I am going, ’was worth madr …. He pauses and stops dancing, enraged the botarga, the Chapoy more.”