Pedro Sola throws rudeness to partner in full Ventaneando

Pedro Sola throws rudeness to partner in full Ventaneando (Instagram)

Pedro Sola throws rudeness to partner in full Ventaneando | Instagram

Pedro Sola in trouble again !, the dear tv presenter She faced a new “shower” after she threw a rudeness into the air in the middle of Ventaneando to one of her companions, Linet Puente, who did not even know what happened.

Pedro Jose Sola Murillo He thought that the cameras weren’t capturing what was happening in the forum at that moment, so he took advantage and threw a “mam …” to Linet Puente; but indeed, the driver was on the air and Ventaneando’s cameras did capture that moment.

The driver 74-year-old lived this “funny” moment after chef Fernando Stovell came to Ventaneando to talk about the culture of tea in the United Kingdom, this because in Master Chef there would be a challenge related to tea.

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While the chef was explaining, Linet Puente asked him if there was any food that was accompanied with tea when tasting it, as in the case of other drinks that its flavor is enhanced with some foods.

Apparently Linet’s comment amused Pedrito Sola, who could not contain his laughter with Mónica Castañeda, who gave a shy laugh. At that moment, the dear TV Azteca communicator threw a “mam …” at Linet Puente; however, she did not notice.

What Internet users did notice perfectly is that that moment was edited when uploading the entire Ventaneando program to their YouTube channel, something that does not happen normally; however, the edit is noticeable at the time.

But it is not the first time that Pedro Sola Something funny or an error happens to him in the middle of Ventaneando. On one occasion, unforgettable by the way, the faithful companion of Pati Chapoy was responsible for the publicity of a famous brand of mayonnaise, everything was going very well in its presentation and the product was savored, until dear Pedrito changed the name of the brand of mayonnaise by the competition.

The moment was so remembered on Mexican television that they say that the entertainment journalist He had to pay a large amount of money for his mistake, he became a trend on social networks and received a strong scolding from his boss, Mrs. Chapoy.

But there is another unforgettable moment of Pedro Sola in Ventaneando, the one in which he advertised a recognized brand of drinks for adults, at the end he gave him a tremendous drink and showed a face of satisfaction; But what Sola did not notice is that the cameras returned to him and captured that after finishing with his publicity he made a huge gesture of displeasure.

So far it is unknown if this moment of the Uncle Pedrito; However, despite this, his personality has conquered not only viewers, but also netizens.

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Pedrito Sola has his own YouTube channel where he uploads videos in which he shares experiences and of course, he also related in some of them what happened in the case of mayonnaise.

Much has been speculated that the end of Ventaneando is near and that a new show program will take its place; but so far it is not something that has been made publicly official. Could it be that the program will come to an end?