Pedro Sola on Televisa … will appear on the program as a guest – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Since the creation of the ‘Ventaneando’ program, the economist Pedro Sola began his career at TV Azteca and during these 25 years, the host has remained faithful to the Ajusco television station, however this could change in the coming days.

And it is that according to Alex Kaffie, Pedro Sola will appear on a Televisa program as a guest.

The host will arrive on Televisa as a guest of the program ‘Confesiones’, hosted by Aurora Valle and which is broadcast on Tlnovelas, owned by Televisa.

This will be his first participation in Televisa after years of career in TV Azteca and although the host has not yet said anything about it, on other occasions he has declared that there is no problem in collaborating with other television stations.

He made this comment when he appeared surprisingly on the Imagen Televisión program ‘Sale el Sol’ a few months ago.

A few days ago Pedro Sola was in the eye of the hurricane and had to apologize on his social networks after he launched a comment against Camila Sodi, because the actress had an altercation with Linet Puente in the middle of an interview.

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