Pedro Scooby is moving to Portugal and will have the company of his girlfriend, Cintia Dicker. The couple has been in relationship since September 2019, but faced a rapid separation earlier this year. Dom’s father, Bem and Liz, fruits of his marriage to Luana Piovani, the surfer said that he is looking for a house in the Old Continent to better receive the three children. And for columnist Fabia Oliveira, from the newspaper ‘O Dia’, she detailed what the ideal property has to have. Find out!


Pedro Scooby is moving to Portugal and is going to live with his girlfriend, Cintia Dicker. The information is from columnist Fabia Oliveira, from the newspaper “O Dia”. For this reason, the surfer is looking for a house to be able to receive the three children of his marriage to Luana Piovani, from whom he separated in March 2019. Parents of Dom, 8, and twins Bem and Liz, 4, the athlete and the actress since the separation exchange barbs frequently.

Father of 3, Pedro wants a house in Portugal with tree and skate park

And in this search for the perfect home, Pedro cites what the property needs to have. “I’m going to stay with my children for 15 days and they are going with me to choose the house. We want to have a skate park and a nice tree for us to set up a tree house”, pointed out the owl father of the three children. Also for the columnist, the surfer said that the children are not very close to the pool. “We want a pool too, although they don’t care much. The house is for them. My house has always been my backpack,” he said.

Pedro and Cintia have been together for 8 months

After the end of the marriage with Luana, the athlete had a quick relationship with Anitta. In September, he was seen kissing with model and actress Cintia Dicker. A month later, at Rock in Rio they were kissed. At the time, Purepeople the redhead said: “We are getting to know each other. This is the truth. We are not dating or anything”. In January, Pedro revealed that he broke up with Cintia. A month later, he stopped following the redhead on a social network and even deleted the couple’s photos. At the carnival, the surfer confirmed the reconciliation after a brief end, a fact reinforced by her in March at the parade of champion schools at the Sambódromo do Rio.

Luana accepted her boyfriend’s ‘marriage proposal’ via the web

Last August, the actress took up dating Israeli basketball player Ofek Malka, 19 years younger than her. Weeks ago, the athlete posted a photo next to the Brazilian actress and commented with an alliance. “Yes,” replied Luana immediately, who approved when he saw the firstborn dye his hair blue.

Ellen Rocche broke off engagement after almost 2 years

While Pedro and Cintia took another step in the relationship, a couple came to an end. Bride of nutritionist Rogério Oliveira since June 2018, the actress ended her relationship with the doctor. In addition, Ellen Rocche deleted the photos she had with the professional, whom she met during the weight loss process for a soap opera, and made her Instagram private.

(By Guilherme Guidorizzi)

Pedro Scooby will move to Portugal with his girlfriend, Cintia Dicker

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