Pedro Sánchez: Traitor

They may not have seen it on the regime’s televisions, but Sánchez traveled to Pamplona last Friday and was received as he deserves. Sánchez went to the headquarters of the Provincial Government to give the blessing to Maria Chivite, that leader of the PSOE who is president of the Government of Navarre thanks to the permission that has been given to her Otegi, the terrorist led by Bildu while ETA is in reserve. But Pedro Sanchez Also waiting for him at the doors of the institution – closed to the constitutionalists since the advent of the Sánchez / Chivite / Otegi socialists – were some dozen Navarrese who told him to his face what millions of Spaniards think: «Liar, traitor, go away to the herriko tavern, get your dirty hands off Navarra… ».

Of all the qualifiers with which Sánchez was greeted, the one that best fits the character is “traitor.” Yes, Sánchez is a traitor, a man who has betrayed the essence and values ​​of democracy, who has betrayed democratic Spain, who has betrayed the Spaniards who had suffered the break between brothers and who starred in the Transition, which has betrayed the men and women who built democracy …

Yes, Sánchez is a traitor. A man who has come to the government with tricks and who has used institutional power to destroy the democratic system.

Yes, Sánchez is a traitor. A man who has betrayed the most sacred by choosing to formalize agreements with the murderers of 857 of our fellow citizens and who has scorned the sacrifice of so many thousands of Spaniards who risked their lives so that today we could live in democracy.

Yes, Pedro Sánchez is a traitor. A man who betrays the best in the history of the party for which he is secretary general to embrace the postulates of those who, to build a totalitarian society, took the lives of hundreds of innocents, many of them affiliated with the PSOE.

Yes, Pedro Sánchez is a traitor. A man who eliminated democratic controls within his party and has now eliminated them in democratic institutions.

Yes, Sánchez is a traitor. A man who has betrayed his electoral proposals – not his word, because he doesn’t have one – and who has made fun of all those who allowed themselves to be deceived into believing his false promises.

Yes, Sánchez is a traitor. A man who hates representative democracy and the plural society that has allowed him to come to the government and who joins forces with the enemies of democracy to destroy the democratic system from power.

Yes, Sánchez is a traitor. A traitor who has no qualms about choosing as partners the guys who proclaim that his goal is to end the 78 system. A traitor who changes the laws so that criminals enjoy impunity. A traitor who modifies the laws so that Spanish ceases to be a vehicular language throughout the State. A traitor who despises the equality of citizens and blesses tribalism. A traitor who pursues freedom, whether of opinion or chair. Yes, Sánchez is the great traitor to democracy.

Yes, Sánchez is a liar and a traitor; look if he is a liar and traitor who went to Navarra to stage his support for María Chivite one day after starring in and toasting his “state” agreement with Otegi and one day before she announced that she had closed a budget agreement with Otegi… and now he claims that he does not have an agreement with Otegi.

What can be done with a traitor? In democratic systems – as Spain continues to be as long as Pedro Sánchez’s project does not triumph and everything is swept away – they are judged politically and also criminally. If they commit crimes against the constitutional order, they are reported to the courts. Now, how fine is justice, they will tell me…. Well, there are still many honorable judges who will only issue sentences if we bring the alleged criminals before them. Nothing can be expected from the prosecution; But the greatest complicity with evil that decent people can do is to surrender early.

And they are also told to their faces, loud and clear, what we think of them. So the first lesson in resistance is to unmask the traitor. Sánchez is a traitor who has crossed all ethical lines, all the red lines that separate vileness from virtue, good from evil. Sánchez is a traitor who has allied himself with evil to approve budgets that extend his institutional power for three more years and destroy democracy from the institutions that represent it.

Sánchez is a traitor who takes advantage of the democratic deterioration of his party – and it seems that of his voters as well – to demolish democracy without any opposition. Notice how it is the thing that Zapatero had to appeal to the macguffin of “peace” so that his people would swallow his pacts with ETA, and for Sánchez it is enough to quote “the budgets” so that affiliates and charges swallow his blood alliance with the heirs and ETA spokespersons …


adjective masculine and feminine noun

1.[persona]Who commits treason. “They wanted to lynch him as a traitor.”
2. adjective. That implies or denotes betrayal. “Treacherous smile.”

I propose two examples of a traitor: in fiction, Gríma, from ‘The Lord of the Rings’. In politics: Pedro Sánchez. I trust that we Spanish will make you pay for it.