If there is one thing that the coronavirus health crisis has demonstrated, it is the Government’s null capacity to attract solidarity from the rest of the EU member countries and to face the shortage of material, protective equipment and other means that were necessary to face the moments toughest impact of the pandemic in Spain. A report that has been prepared by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and which can be consulted on the Internet shows that Spain launched the third part of signals asking for help from our Italian neighbors to the rest of the countries of the European Union. The 16 requests for Spanish aid contrasted with 48 in Italy and 22 in France. While the Sánchez government was boasting about its management, people across the country were dying who could have been treated in hospitals in other countries, and our doctors disguised themselves with garbage bags because they lacked the protective equipment that could have been obtained if would have put the general interest above all else and turned to the EU.

Furthermore, requests for help from the Spanish government were on par with Croatia or Hungary, countries infinitely less punished by the coronavirus than Spain. The Czech Republic, a country the size of Castilla-La Mancha, donated 10,000 protective medical equipment and a hundred respirators. From Germany, we received a team of nurses and doctors in April. Other countries that donated medical supplies to Spain in April were Sweden, Luxembourg, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania. That is, only 10 of the 25 countries that are part of the community club sent shipments to our country, less than half.

For its part, Italy received almost fifty attention in international aid channeled in various ways. For example, on March 13 one million masks and other protective equipment from Germany. A few days later, the Government of Angela Merkel provided 7.5 tons of sanitary equipment to deal with the disease, such as mechanical ventilators and masks. While in Spain the planes that the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias had chartered to transport material Coming from China, and it had to be Amancio Ortega who made his logistics system available to the Spanish government, outside our borders it was other countries that lent a hand to the Italians and without the Italian government objecting to it. For example, Austria came to Italy’s aid with the provision of 1.5 million face masks from China on March 23. The Czech Republic, which just as it had helped to Spain, allocated 110,000 protection masks, ten times more than those that arrived in Spain.

In the Italian case there was also a request for help to take in sick people. Germany provided itself since March to host several of them, as did Austria. Spain could have applied for the same aid Portugal, which always dealt with the pandemic much better than Pedro Sánchez’s Executive, but was never formalized. Italy also received health specialists from other European countries such as Poland, Germany and Romania.

Poland also delivered 21 tons of disinfectants. The list of EU countries that made different shipments of material is much more longer than that of our country: Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, France, Estonia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia and Romania.

What all this shows is that the Sánchez government did not allow itself to be helped as if the Italians did. Whether due to Sánchez’s pride, or due to ineptitude, the fact is that the Spanish government reacted not only late in recognizing the relevance of the pandemic, but when it already knew what was happening, not allowed to help while the rest of Europe I was stunned at the evolution of victims and victims in Spain. But in the face of that reality bath, Sánchez’s mantra remains the same: do not take responsibility and blame everything on others, especially the PP.