Pedro Sánchez is rained with compliments in the US

Peter Sánchez is on an official trip to the United States with the aim of convincing potential US investors so that they invest in Spain. One of his first dates was with the MSNBC network, where he granted an interview of about ten minutes in which he has talked about different issues of depth. However, what has most attracted the attention of a good number of viewers according to the comments made on social networks It has been their physical appearance, that they praise with a whole string of adjectives. It is not the first time that the appearance of the current president monopolizes comments of this type outside the Spanish borders.

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With the compliments falling one after the other, it seems that Pedro Sánchez has once again become a Fleabag character. It is not necessary to have seen the series created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge to know, if only because of the stir it generated in social networks, the existence of a character nicknamed ‘hot priest’ played by Andrew Scott. In the case of the socialist leader, referred to by many American media as prime minister, the title that they have attributed to him is that of ‘hot president’.

But that is not the only appellation in reference to his appearance that can be read for a few hours, for example, in the comments left by viewers in the video of his interview published on YouTube by the chain itself. “He is hot” (“it’s good”), “gorgeous man” (“wonderful”); “Good looking man” (“handsome”), “is like the hispanic version of John F. Kennedy” (“is the spanish version of Kennedy”),“ In general, politics and good look are mutually exclusive. clearly, this guy is an exception. ” (“In general, politicians and good looks are exclusive; clearly, this guy is an exception”), “He is so handsome” (“He is very handsome”), “I didn’t know that Clark Kent / Superman was the PM of Spain ”(“did not know that Clark Kent / Superman was the president of Spain“) And the list could go on.

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A barrage of adjectives that, in reality, should not surprise anyone because it is not the first time that it happens. Already in 2018, when it began to attract the attention of the international press, there were many who noticed. So, it was directly the media those who, when making profiles of him for his promotion due to the motion of censure presented against Mariano Rajoy, they put a lot of emphasis on that aspect.

The deputy editor of Buzzfeed News jokingly sold that it was ‘hot’ on his Twitter profile as major geopolitical news. He was referred to in the Daily Mail as the “photogenic 46-year-old Pedro Sánchez, also known as’ Mr. I bet ‘”and they came to compare him with Antonio Banderas. In Vanity Fair they warned, having also called him ‘hot’, that “it is always important to do an investigation before falling in love at first sight.” And in Elle, whoever signed the text claimed that her heart had been stolen.

But these kinds of comments could not be read only in tabloids or more specialized magazines in fashion and trend content, media such as BBC Y Financial times They also contributed their grain of sand in this regard. The first, in his profile on the new president of the Spanish Government, described him as a “photogenic economist and former basketball player.” And in the prestigious economic medium FT they did not resist using the nickname of Mr. Handsome.

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