Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias knock down the proposal of PP and Vox to count the deaths from Covid without cheating

The accounting trap rudest of the Government of Pedro Sanchez Y Pablo Iglesias it could have come to an end. But PSOE, We can and its partners they have reunited, on this occasion, to avoid a non-cheating count of the number of deaths from Covid in Spain. The proposal came from PP Y Vox and had the backing of C’s. But the social communist government has ordered to close ranks so that it is not known how many people have died from coronavirus in Spain.

It was a Non-Law Proposition. It was a text that required the Government to count the deaths from Covid in Spain without cheating. And he has been left with the only votes in favor of PP, Vox and Cs.

Proposition No of Law urged the Government to the following points: first, to proceed obligatory to the realization of specific tests to all people with any symptoms of Covid. In addition, to perform tests on all people admitted to nursing homes.

The proposal also asked to carry out forensic studies on all the dead whose death has not been confirmed due to Covid, but in which there is a suspicion of coronavirus, multi-organic failure, respiratory distress, Severe respiratory insufficiency, pneumonia, sepsis or coagulopathy, to certify the real cause of death.

The text asked, on the other hand, to ensure that the information from all the autopsies and forensic studies carried out in accordance with the previous section is correctly accounted for, processed and integrated in the official records of those who died from Covid or related causes.
The plan also called for the preparation of a digitized and simultaneous registry, permanently updated, with the total data on the deaths with Covid, the admitted to ICU, the discharges produced and the number of tests carried out, broken down by province, and where the necessary data is transferred and can be transmitted between the different health systems and, in particular, between hospitals, health or social health centers and nursing homes.

Lack of necessary hospital care

That record should also have contained a specific section where deceased persons are counted, not confirmed, but with suspicion of Covid-19. The text also called for a study to be carried out on the incidence of the health emergency caused by Covid-19 in deaths caused by other diseases not related to the pandemic, but caused by lack of the necessary hospital care, due to the health collapse, and for causes like cancers, heart attacks or traffic accidents, among others.

The last three points required the codification of deaths according to the WHO document -with identified virus, with unidentified virus, clinically or epidemiologically diagnosed, probable case, and suspected case-; carry out a study on the causes of death of people who have lost their lives or are going to lose it during the duration of this epidemic; Y require the European Union that all member countries quantify deaths in a homogeneous way, using a classification that includes Covid-19 cases with or without an identified virus, the probable and the suspected, as proposed by the WHO in the homogeneous coding.

The parties of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias have denied everything. It must be remembered that, at the moment, the Government recognizes 41,253 deaths from Covid. But the official statistics of the INE raise these deaths to over 60,000. Specifically, 60,210 fatalities portrayed by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), while the Government recognizes only a little over 40,000.

The data comes from the latest update of the INE. And it is that, while Pedro Sánchez does not stop putting the focus of his attacks in Madrid, mortality grows throughout Spain due to Covid-19 without this disaster attracting the attention of the central government. In fact, it doesn’t even attract his recognition of the true figure, which he has refused to admit throughout the entire pandemic.
The data on the increase in deaths compared to last year prove that the accumulated number of deaths from covid since March already exceeds 60,000, according to the INE. The figure, at the moment, stands specifically at 60,210 deaths.