Pedrito Sola’s meme made the entire Ventaneando production burst into laughter | Instagram

Once again Pedrito Sola is cause for laughter during a broadcast of the program Windowing after noticing one of the most recent memes that went viral on Twitter about the driver.

The call « Uncle Pedrito« As it is called on social networks, he starred in one of the memes that once again captured attention on social networks and unleashed a large number of laughs after seeing his image captured in a very funny way.

It should be noted, it is not the first time that this has happened since the presenter is very popular on the networks, so that users have shared various images.

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This time he again caused a sensation in social networks after your image was used again for these purposes.

The theme of which today was part Pedrito Sola In the image, it refers to the latest news about the vaccine being developed in Russia to fight against coronavirus.

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It was his own driver who shared on Instagram and Twitter an image of how he would look before and after being given the injection.

As expected, the meme generated numerous reactions by Internet users who considered the publication funny, even some followers responded to Alone with other comical images about the situation.

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Given this, Pati chapoy He was not indifferent as, with laughter, he made it clear to the driver how funny he found the meme and even shared it on his own Twitter profile.

The acceptance of the netizens on the platform of Twitter that the happy publication added thousands of « I like it« and numerous comments.

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The image contained the caption: « Before receiving the vaccine … Me after receiving the Russian vaccine. »

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It is worth mentioning that the Uncle Pedrito Sola He is one of the most beloved hosts on television and on his social networks he constantly receives messages and greetings from his followers who have made him a very popular character.