Pedrito Sola and the moment in La Academia that made him a meme | Instagram

Pedrito Sola is one of the most appreciated drivers of the program Selling And on social media, however, a participation in the La Academia music program made it a meme.

He Uncle Pedrito has brought its popularity in and out of cameras of the Ventaneando program and most of its moments amuse fans a lot, especially on social networks.

Even the driver has become quite a character among users who do not miss the opportunity to make it more viral on the platform, such as the occasion when they made it a meme.

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The presenter of shows of the famous program of Aztec TV shared one of the moments when he tried to sing a song on the music contest show « The academy »

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However, the moment turned it into a whole meme of his applauded presentation itself that dates back to some years ago.

It was in 2016 when the popular host participated in a segment of a morning show that had the Aztec TV itself that through a format presented La Academia, a space in which various presenters participated.

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He Uncle Pedrito he was not far behind and performed on the VLA stage the famous song by the group Menudo « Clarity« , a musical show for which he prepared while he was in the offices of Ventaneando.

Was the same driver who decided to create a meme of said performance and decided to share it among his followers on Instagram.

When they play karaoke on the birthday of someone I don’t even know, « mentions the headline of the driver’s video, added to Sola’s post: » There’s always a friend who … « .

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The clip immediately caused thousands of reactions as well as several views and comments towards « Uncle Pedrito« as the driver is affectionately called.

I love this man.  »

You are cool Uncle Pedro.

You always make me Uncle Pedrito’s day.  »

You are the best, we do not deserve such good vibes.  »

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Most of the time, the driver He makes content to entertain his fans, which has often led him to lead trends in social networks.