Pedri shines in the win for the Spanish team

06/23/2021 at 7:53 PM CEST

Pedri’s career progresses to a disproportionate level. At just 18 years old, the Barça midfielder has established himself with a starting position in Luis Enrique’s Spain. The game against Slovakia was his seventh with the senior team, but he had a real recital and nothing seems to indicate that he will not start the round of 16 match.

The goal was resisting, so much so that Morata missed a golden chance from eleven meters. Luck, however, determined that the coin fell headlong and Dubravka, the Slovakian goalkeeper, entered an easy ball to save. From here, Pedri brought out his playing repertoire.

In the second goal of Spain, he filtered a chopped pass from the front, which recalled the best moments of Andrés Iniesta, for Gerard Moreno to center the leather and Aymeric Laporte to head the ball into the back of the net.

Directing the helm of the ‘Roja’, together with Busquets who returned to the national team after his negative in Covid-19, he took the baton of the team and opened a ball to the left wing for Jordi Alba serve a center measured at the feet of Pablo Sarabia to score the third.

In the fourth goal of the afternoon, the canary also appeared in the photo of the goal. The play began in the right corner, the leather came to Pedri, who filtered a pass into the hole for Sarabia to serve Ferran Torres the fourth target on a tray, who had just entered the field of play.

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