Pedri forged the resistance he shows in Barça and Spain with athletics

06/26/2021 at 8:00 AM CEST

Jordi Gil – Madrid (Special Envoy)

Luis Enrique opted for Pedri starting with the March window in the qualifying matches for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. His quality was obvious, but from the outset Lucho highlighted his physical capacity and how he defended while occupying a lot of ground. Pedri’s B-side is his enormous physical stamina, although it does not have the appearance of a wonder. His complexion deceives and endures the unspeakable. One of the keys to the power of the engine that he carries is in his childhood when he enjoyed himself on . tracks.

Pedri explains to SPORT how “when I was little they always called me for the typical school tournaments. I did long distance runs because my strength was not speed & rdquor ;.

That stage in which Pedri often raced gave him a base that he still appreciates: “It helped me to have resistance, I have always liked sports very much and athletics is one of them& rdquor ;. The Tenerife native opted for football correctly, but seeing his characteristics he could have stood out perfectly in any other sporting activity.

His parents

Pedri’s great hobby is exercising. “If you tell me to practice any sport, I say yes & rdquor; Explain. Among those that most attract his attention today is basketball. “One of the sports that I like to play is basketball& rdquor ;, comments. In the Barça dressing room there are many crazy about the basket and the NBA. They even practice and chop in the house with a hoop that they have at their disposal. Pedri has joined the group and loves to shoot..

The origin of his passion for sports comes from his family, as he himself explains: “I have always liked sports since my parents instilled it in me. Love it& rdquor ;, he says frankly.

Pedri has a special gene to compete and it shows. In this European Championship he has been on the field for 270 minutes as possible and the team values ​​a lot, for example, how he cut a counter against Poland in discount. His legs allowed him to get there on time.

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