Pedri enjoys with Spain in the 2021 European Championship before the duel against Croatia


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Jordi Gil – Madrid (Special Envoy)

He reached this concentration after playing 37 league games with Barça, now he has another three in a row and 90 minutes with Spain, what a way to start in the elite!

I am very happy to have the confidence of the coach and play every minute of the selection and give the team the maximum every game and be as fresh as possible.

How do you digest such a blazing success as yours?

Well, everything is happening super fast, as in my career, and I am very happy to enjoy what I like the most. I am calm and sure of what I am doing. I must thank the coaches for the trust they have given me and give it back on the field.

But do you think and value the maelstrom you are in?

I go day by day, with the usual naturalness. I am calm knowing that I have a lot of room to improve and I must. I try to take things from the veterans here and from the club to improve.

How can you convey this sense of tranquility when you are only 18 years old?

Well, I try to be calm in the field. Now things have changed a few with the luck of having people in the stands, as in La Cartuja, but it did not change and I continue with the idea of ​​playing as calmly as possible. I think it’s the best for everything to go well.

“I try to escape from reality”

Does the ball never burn you?

I try to think the play well, look for the free man, who is the best, and play forward. If you break lines, the team advances and helps a lot, which is always better than playing backwards.

Was the game against Slovakia one in which you noticed more pressure in the days leading up to your professional career?

It was one of the most important. We had to win yes or yes, although for me all the games are important, nor that we did not play anything. I always try to play as if it were the last game and to do my best. I want to help the team as much as possible, even if we don’t play anything.

Do you perceive that your status at La Roja is higher than at Barça and you must assume more responsibilities? Here, for example, Messi is not.

I try to evade reality, as I said, I want to be calm and not think that I can have a status. We are all important here, the 24 of us who are here, we have a great team and a great group. Apart from what happens off the field, it shows inside that we are very united and contribute the most to the national team.

Are you enjoying this Euro Cup?

I’m enjoying it like a child, until now I was … (smiles) It’s a dream to be here and I enjoy it for myself and all the people around me.

In addition, the game of the national team of always wanting possession and the ball goes like a glove.

The players who are here are of the same profile, from having the ball, rolling from side to side until we find the free man and that is what makes us strong. It is what will bring us to a successful conclusion and it is what we have to do. Roll the ball and find the free man. Thus we are creating many opportunities and we must materialize them.

Is it football that you have always noticed?

Yes, it is football that I have grown up with. I always watched Spanish and Barça football with Xavi, Iniesta and all the great footballers who made us world champions. We try to do that football that we like and that we are used to since we were little.

The comparison of you with Iniesta is constant, do you like him or do you give him a little something?

It is a pride that they compare you with Iniesta for what a great player and person he is. But I have to be Pedri and try to make my career, Iniesta is a great player, it is nice that they compare me with him, although I am going to try to make my career.

“Modric has a star, but we are also good”

Is Croatia a very tough bone for the round of 16?

Croatia is a very strong team, with great players and they are going to put us in a very difficult game because they want the ball and they like to play. Whoever has the ball will have more danger and whoever does not have it, will suffer more. We hope that we have it and seize the opportunity.

Is it key to stop Modric?

Modric is one of the players that has a star, although Croatia has more interesting players, with a lot of quality and level. They are very good, but so are we.

Are you already calmer with the goal of the goal?

We had no doubt that they would end up entering. We have scored five goals and if we continue with the same game, or improving, many more goals will come and we will have our chances.

By the way, what a connection on the left with Jordi Alba!

I have played many games with Jordi and, although it is my first year, it seems that I have been playing with him for more years. I love it, it has an immense quality. We have seen everything he has achieved with Spain and Barça. I am proud to play alongside him and he makes it easier

What about Luis Enrique?

From the first moment he has been a wonderful person with me. He has behaved very well and I am very grateful for the confidence.

Pedri and Busquets, two pillars for the Spanish team

| Pablo García / RFEF

Against Slovakia, the connection he had with Sergio Busquets stood out.

Yes, Busi is a show. I love playing with him, how he plays and how he reads the game at all times. It is always well placed, it is a support. I have played all season with him and we have played many games together. We also have a very good relationship off the pitch. It is a pride to play with someone who has achieved so many things.

Do you consider him a teacher?

I try to look at everyone, especially him because he acts in a similar position to mine. Veterans bring a lot to young people, as we bring hope. We have to look at them and learn from their advice.

Have they talked a lot about being the youngest and most veteran player in the national team?

We are not talking about that, but about how hard the game will be, what we are living here, what happens at home, any nonsense or serious thing. Actually, on any subject. It helps me a lot.

Did it affect you a lot to be without the captain at the beginning of this concentration?

When Busi leaves, the question remains of not knowing who else may have the covid. It was a bit difficult having to train alone. In the games then we did well, the difference between the first two and Slovakia was that the ball went in.

How did you experience the isolated days here in Las Rozas?

It was a hard time because you don’t know if you are here today or if you can leave tomorrow. I was calm. If I had to go home and not be able to enjoy myself, that’s what I had to do … My goal was to be at the highest level for the games.

How do you see Eric Garcia?

I did not know him from the under-21, but he did from the previous call in March. We have a very good relationship, making jokes. His output of the ball is spectacular. At Barça he will contribute many things.

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