Without a doubt one of the most anticipated returns for 2020 is that of Pearl JamBecause after playing these last years all over the world they had not released new songs. Fortunately they announced that they were coming back through the big door, Well all of us those years of musical drought will end with the release of his eleventh studio album, Gigaton.

Just two days for us to listen to the new album by the legendary grunge band, They have decided to release a last song of this record called “Quick Escape” and boy, does it come just at the right time, because right now all the news is focused on the world situation due to the coronavirus, so Listening to new Pearl Jam music is a real breath of fresh air.

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For this song, They have decided to return to that punchy sound that we love so much, where the drums sound dry and the guitars full of distortion are the protagonists at almost all times.. And of course we must speak about the voice of Eddie Vedder, because despite the years it still sounds so powerful and good like when they were just starting to form the band.

The last seconds of the song feel like it’s a huge jam, masterfully closing with a huge guitar solo that will undoubtedly encourage you to put together a huge air guitar in your living room. As for the lyrics and knowing a little the background of this album, Pearl Jam makes a harsh criticism of the situation in the United States and somewhat of capitalism, making us see that there are many more things in life than working for something we don’t like in order to earn a salary.

In the middle of it all there is a reference to Donald Trump – quite forceful – where the band makes it clear to us that they absolutely do not love that he is the president of the United States. As if this were not enough, they also released a visual for this song, which shows us again a lot of impressive landscapes of the planet combined with the images of a seagull flying through the skies and launching a rocket.

We better not tell you more, stop what you are doing and Get ready for the premiere this Friday, March 27 of Gigaton by listening to “Quick Escape”, the latest single from Pearl Jam.