Peanuts, walnuts and almonds are not ‘real’ nuts

On the other hand, almonds and cashews are actually seeds inside a drupe or stone fruit. That is, instead of having a hard outer shell, they present a fleshy outer layer that surrounds the bone that contains the seed, as with peaches and cherries. With many drupes (mango or plum, for example) we eat the juicy fruit and throw the stone away. But, with other drupes, just the opposite happens: the outer shell is removed and we eat the seed that is inside the bone.

For this reason, if supermarkets were more precise with botany, they would not speak of nuts but of ‘peanut legumes’ or ‘almond seeds’. In addition, they would be closer to peas than walnuts. Also, as Jernstedt assures, changing names now would be very difficult for consumers, since most people are clear about their culinary ideas and consider them nuts.