PDI will search with IP for those who buy and use a stolen PS5

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Yesterday the robbery of a Falabella truck with hundreds of PS5s caused a sensation both on social networks and in the media. Unfortunately, the incident left hundreds of gamers unable to receive their next gen console. Retail has already warned them that they will have to wait until December to receive a console, but they will have PlayStation Plus for free.

Now through T13, we know that the Chilean Investigative Police will look for the culprits and also those who buy a stolen console. This is possible thanks to the fact that each console has its own identification code and once they are connected to the internet, they will be able to track them through the IP.

The sub-prefect Óscar Bacovich, head of the Investigation Brigade of Robberies and Criminal Intervention of the PDI assured T13 that “the internet connection that will allow us, through an IP address, to locate the connection point of that console and the Police will arrive at that address, with a court order or an order from the Public Ministry, in order to be able to seize that species and also detain the person who is the possessor of the species ”.

It also ensures that people who have stolen consoles in their possession will be made available to the courts for the crime of receiving stolen species. You know, don’t waste your money in vain.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord