Paz Padilla bundles her up on her visit to Dior to check the veracity of Raquel Bollo’s boots

‘Save me’ has once again shown that it is a tabloid format, but also one of entertainment and humor. During the afternoon of February 19, the collaborators of the program discussed the high standard of living that Raquel Bollo showed in networks. Nevertheless, they doubted the veracity of Dior boots that he was wearing in one of his photos, so Paz Padilla decided to go check it out.

Paz Padilla during her visit to the store

With Chelo García-Cortés at the controls of the program, the actress and presenter went to the golden mile of Madrid to check it out « in situ. » As expected, the store security guard did not allow them access with the camera inside the establishment, but Paz managed to enter with the lapel microphone to be able to listen to everything that the clerks told her. Suddenly, what was a street report turned into a sketch starring a Paz Padilla fascinated by the luxury and the smell of what surrounded him.

« I just took hydroalcoholic gel from Dior. It smells like Channel No. 5, how delicious« He said as we listened to the laughter from the set. With the help of Vitaly, the Ukrainian clerk whose name Paz Padilla kept changing his name for various dental hygiene brands, they got the information they wanted: they were true. « The key is in the star on the sole », reported the clerk. But after so much revolution, one of the shop assistants asked Paz that « it was not the place to ask » those things, so she had to leave the store.

Royalty by surprise

But if the scene was atypical and extremely funny, the finishing touch put it the surprise appearance of Jaime de Marichalar. « Have you been buying something for your girlfriend? » Padilla asked the ex-husband of the Infanta Elena de Borbón without knowing if he is currently romantically involved. Nevertheless, Chelo Gª Cortés reported that Marichalar works for the brand, so he was probably working.