payment in cryptocurrencies and video call to inject it

Ana Rosa’s program has started an investigation into the illegal sale of vaccines on the Deep web where all the vaccines that are on the market right now to fight covid-19 are promoted. A reporter has managed to find the telephone number of one of these advertisers to find out the procedures that are carried out in this vaccine market.

Felix, an AR reporter, explained that in most cases these ads are about scams and that, really, customers do not receive the doses. “They are based on the desperation of the people, it is the most precious product in the world, but it is highly protocolized, it is highly protected by the authorities and security companies assure that they are scams,” explained the journalist.

However, as explained by the researcher, This does not mean that there is a black market for vaccines, although it is very scarce. Most scammers seem to work under the instructions of an organization, although there are also some who go it alone. These products are advertised on the Dark web by prices ranging from $ 250 to $ 1,200However, in recent weeks it seems that the supply has increased and prices have decreased.

The advertiser with whom the program has been contacted ensures that the vaccine can be delivered to them in perfect condition from the United States, even though the doses have to shelter at -80 degrees centigrade for its correct conservation. “Everything is legitimate. I have the medical quality directly from the company. I have someone who works there and that is where I get the material,” says the advertiser.

The scammer asks that the payment be made through cryptocurrencies to leave no trace. In addition, if the client does not know how to get the vaccine or does not have the help of a doctor to inject the dose, the Telecinco reporter’s contact offers to help him through video call so that he can get the vaccine correctly when he receives the order.