Paying with a card or dollars abroad, which is better?

Taking a trip abroad is something that requires a lot of planning, from having the tickets, the necessary papers to be able to enter the place you visit, the reservations, among other things. But a trip, especially to a place that you do not know, involves planning the way in which the money will be used, for this it is necessary that you find out what is the type of currency and the forms of payment that they accept.

If in your case your trip is to the United States and you do not know what is better, if paying with dollars or with a credit card, we give you some tips that can help you decide which form of payment is best for you.

If you are going to travel abroad, check this information before. Photo: Pixabay

The first thing you have to know is what is the exchange rate that is handled when making a purchase, this is determined every day by the Bank of Mexico, banks have the obligation to respect what is established. Although, in general, each establishment can set the exchange rate it handles, so it could be a little lower.

If your payment will be by card, you must take into account that for the operations you carry out in dollars, banks can charge you only 1% above the exchange rate set by Banxico. But it is necessary that you check with your institution before if there is another extra charge that they can make.

What is better?

It is best to use your credit card for purchases you make abroad, although that does not mean that all your expenses will have to be paid this way since you have to take into account that not everywhere you can pay in this way. Therefore, it is necessary that you exchange part of your money for dollars.


If you are going to travel abroad and plan to use your card, it is best to be current with the payments you have decided to carry. You should also check your statement beforehand to check the charges you have and not run into a surprise.

In the same way, you should have a number on hand where they can give you attention in case of having a problem when paying since there are some banks that block accounts when they detect a payment outside the geographical area where you live.

In some cases it is necessary that you notify your bank that you will make a trip abroad and use your card to pay, this could save you some difficulties so that you can enjoy your visit as it should be.

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