Payet’s overweight revelation

Pointed out for his overweight, Dimitri Payet saw the physical trainer of Olympique de Marseille take his defense.

Dimitri Payet is in the hard and he is undoubtedly the best symbol of the difficulties of theOlympic Marseille since the start of the season. Because if they are in the nails in Ligue 1, appearing at the foot of the podium despite a late match, the Marseillais are struggling offensively with only 12 goals after nine matches. And it’s obviously even worse in Champions League with the zero point displayed by the troops of André Villas-Boas.

With a goal and a decisive pass in Ligue 1 and a black series that continues in the Champions League, where the former Lille is still a fanny after 18 matches in C1 and despite 33 shots attempted and a penalty, missed, against FC Porto, Dimitri Payet crystallizes the critics. And all the more so as the tight-fitting jersey of OM has revealed some curves synonymous with overweight.

Damn Covid

Asked in the columns of Provence, José Mario Rocha, OM’s physical trainer, nevertheless wanted to be reassuring on the subject. “I can already tell you that Payet has the same weight today as last season. The same ! Weight does not determine its performance, but it is a whole bunch of factors that influence them “, he assured, pointing in particular to the effects of the coronavirus for which the number 10 Marseille has tested positive:” We have to accept that the Covid had negative influences on him. For sure. But with the evolution of the situation, he will regain his level, the one that everyone knows. ”

André Villas-Boas’ deputy is undoubtedly true when he assures us that Dimitri Payet is at his form weight. Because the physical work started last month seems to have paid off. The Reunionese indeed appeared rid of his superfluous pounds and on the contrary very sharp. Good news for Olympique de Marseille.

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