Payet, sharpened for the recovery

The international break was good for Dimitri Payet, who would have followed a specific program to better get back to the front with OM. And the results seem conclusive.

After having chained six matches in 20 days, OM was able to breathe a bit during this truce – exceptions made for internationals of course. While he has not played for the France team since October 2018, Dimitri Payet himself was able to take advantage of this parenthesis to work physically. Him whose overweight has been repeatedly singled out in recent weeks. Various poor performances, moreover, have not pleaded in its favor.

According to an internal source at the Marseille club, the coaching of an André Villas-Boas who did not hesitate to put him on the bench several times – against Manchester City in the Champions League in particular – piqued the pride of the Reunionese, who has done everything possible these days to regain his form weight and resume the game sharp next weekend against Nice (if however this meeting is not postponed). RMC was able to observe the evolution of the Phocaean environment.

“A click would have occurred”

“The OM n ° 10 started a personalized program at the end of October in order to be more physically sharp. Efficient work since Payet recently lost a few pounds. In his mind, a click would have occurred. The French international, who had been dragging a certain blues since the start of the season and who had struggled to regain his feelings after contracting the coronavirus, has decided to regain his level, ”writes local radio correspondent Florent Germain.

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