Singer-songwriter Pavel Núñez sent a message of encouragement to all his fellow artists and invited not to “despair” at the cessation of entertainment activities in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

« Don’t despair dear artists! We must start by saying that if the confinement lasts for 4 months, for the entertainment workers it has approximately 5 months, since before the confinement the artistic activities were being suspended because that is where the quarantine came from, « wrote the Dominican artist in a long message on his Instagram.

The interpreter said that although the artists were the first to be turned off and will be the last to be turned on, since the entertainment activities have been postponed without any upcoming dates and « without the artists being part of any discourse that includes them

“Even so, we continue to be that voice on social networks that encourages those who feel despair in confinement, those who are already returning to work and who upon returning home are looking forward to a live by their artist of choice, which he receives free of charge on his smartphone without thinking that this artist captures 0 income from it and that his expenses remain the same, ”said Núñez.

Pavel concluded the message saying that “Even so, artists dream, reinvent themselves, go after their new goals and rethought strategies, continue to show a smile despite forgetting a system that does not see them as a priority, they get up, dry their tears and leave to distribute joy, to be part of a world that changed for everyone. ”