Paulina Rubio achieved a legal victory against her ex-husband Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, better known as’ Colate “, after the Spanish businessman had filed a demand to suspend the visitation agreement for their son, Andrea Nicolás, 10 years old, who currently spends a season with him.

Spencer Multack, judge of a Miami family court, ordered that both parents should share the child’s education, but that it should be handed over to Rubio to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, as can be seen in a video of the virtual hearing published by local media this Saturday.

In the hearing, which was held online due to the measures of social distancing due to the coronavirus, Vallejo-Nágera accused Rubio, his brother Enrique and his mother, the actress Susana Dosamantes, of hitting the little boy.

The Spanish argued that little Andrea Nicolás was beaten by the singer’s brother, whom he also accused of using drugs.

He also claimed that Eros, the singer’s other son with his ex-partner Gerardo Bazúa, suffers from the same treatment.

In addition, he stated that “The Golden Girl” used drugs and presented as evidence a transmission that the singer herself made on social networks two weeks ago, in which she seemed erratic and was seen lowering her head, gestures that were interpreted on networks social as typical of cocaine inhalation.

In response, Rubio presented another video from the same day, taken from another angle, in which he is seen to lower his head to see some papers and follow the transmission thread.

At the court hearing, it was learned that Andrea Nicolás has been at his father’s house in Miami Beach for three weeks and that, according to Vallejo-Nágera, he has refused to return to Rubio’s residence because “he presents with anxiety, nausea and vomiting. “

This hearing came three days after it became known that Bazúa has also filed a lawsuit in Miami family court against Rubio, alleging that he does not let him see Eros, 4.

Rubio was married to Vallejo-Nágera for five years, until their stormy separation and divorce in 2013 after more than a year of separation. Her relationship with Bazúa, whom she met when she was her “coach” at La Voz México, lasted between 2013 and 2018.

The singer arrived at the Mexico City airport with a particular look for her fear of the deadly outbreak.