Paula Usero and Carol Rovira return with ‘#Luimelia’: “There will be a little more drama in season 4”

‘#Luimelia’ continues to expand her world. The series centered on one of the star couples of the serial ‘Amar es para siempre’, which became a true viral phenomenon, returns with its fourth season, which will premiere on Sunday July 25 on Atresplayer Premium. The sitcom lengthens its duration, as the episodes go on to last 30 minutes. In addition, fiction returns to the payment platform just as vindictive. “A love story like that of Luisita and Amelia should be seen more on television”, highlights Paula Usero, regarding the importance of having LGBT series on the small screen.

Started by the support of the fan community, ‘#Luimelia’ with its fourth season consolidates itself as an autonomous fiction. One of the challenges of this batch of episodes has been to expand the duration to 30 minutes per chapter, which has allowed the introduction of more dramatic elements, more adult plots and new characters.

“As it is now more extensive, we have the opportunity to go through more places. The first seasons had a very strong comic component, because that format asked for it. Now that the episodes are 30 minutes long, we will be able to explore other registers of the characters. There will be a bit more drama, which is appreciated “, explains Carol Rovira in an interview for eCartelera.

“It is a responsibility” to give visibility to stories like Luisita and Amelia

On the other hand, ‘#Luimelia’ will continue to bet on showing the daily life of Luisita and Amelia, which also allows give visibility to a traditional story starring a lesbian couple, thus giving another approach to the reality of everyday LGBT life. “In the series, we have always tried to narrate reality in the most reliable way. We touch on issues that concern many of us […] That it is the story of two lesbian girls, who live their relationship publicly and without problems is what we should be seeing more often on our screens. Especially with the terrible times that we are living lately“, highlights Usero.

It’s essential [tener más ficción con protagonistas LGBT], it is also a responsibility. The people who decide the daily programming can be considered teachers, because with stories like ‘#Luimelia’ they are educating society “, adds Rovira.

On the possibility of a fifth season, both do not rule it out, although they emphasize that “it is important to know when to stop.” “All the seasons we have done with a very closed end, because we did not know if we were going to be able to continue. This fourth is not an exception. Well, if there was a fifth, we would have to think about how to start it,” says Usero. “What we are clear about is that we don’t want to lengthen the story just because, we want to continue pampering her and taking care of her to the maximum. […] You have to know when to stop and when is the right time, “adds Rovira.

The fourth season consists of eight episodes. The episodes will continue with the same broadcast style of the predecessor batches, with a weekly episode. The series is directed by Borja González Santaolalla. Along with Usero and Rovira, Lucía Martín, Jonás Berami, Joaquín Climent, Ana Labordeta, Carolina Rubio, Claudia Traisac, Ondina Maldonado, Cristina Gallego, Carolina Iglesias and Mariano Venancio complete the cast. In addition, the fourth installment has the incorporation of Francesco Carril, Roi Méndez, Ariana Martínez and Javier Botet.

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