10/15/2017 Paula Echevarría, in a file image


Paula Echevarría is enjoying a relaxing holiday in Marbella with her love, Miguel Torres. The actress, who according to what she has confessed, misses her daughter Daniella – who is in San Vicente de la Barquera spending part of the summer with David Bustamante and Yana Olina – is taking the opportunity to get a tan that we would like to the common of the deadly.

The Asturian, happy to be in one of her favorite places enjoying a romantic vacation, is giving a good account of all her plans with her publications on Instagram. Dinners with friends, sunset walks and pool, lots of pool. And is that Paula is passionate about the sun, water, and, above all, bikinis. The influencer has an extensive collection of swimsuits, which she is showing little by little through her social networks.

On this occasion, Miguel Torres’s girlfriend has shown her curves with a simple green bikini. Ignoring her haters, who in recent times comment every time they have the occasion that the actress has taken a few pounds during confinement, Paula is proud of her great guy posing in different positions. Bravo for the protagonist of « Velvet », who once again bets on healthy beauty and leaves aside that excessive thinness that she wore after her separation from David Bustamante.