Paula del Río, Gonzalo Díez and Daniel Arias: “In the filming of ‘El Internado’, everything has happened living together”

We interviewed three of the students of ‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’, who are gaining prominence as the chapters pass.

Sergio Navarro February 20, 2021 (47 minutes ago)

Paz, Julio and Eric are three of the students of ‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’, three free young people wanting to have new experiences. Those in charge of bringing them to life are the actors Paula del Río, Gonzalo Díez and Daniel Arias, who have spoken with FormulaTV to provide more details about their characters and the series that Amazon Prime Video has already released.

Headlines by Gonzalo Díez, Paula del Río and Daniel Arias

Gonzalo Díez: « Julio really likes to have a good time, he is carefree and a little crazy » GD: « He is free, he scratches himself as little as possible and is a very explosive character » Paula del Río: « Paz is Amaia’s best friend » PDR : « The three of us have the less dense part of the plot » PDR: « He is very rebellious and for some reason he prefers to be inside the boarding school, it is his comfort zone » Daniel Arias: « Eric is a boy with streaks of being the funny guy from class « DA: » He does not get into trouble and does not get along with anyone « PDR: » We gradually enter the mystery, but we end up completely involved « GD: » We are the sustenance of the main characters « DA: » When they enter the mystery they do not believe it « DA: » The arc of the three is very beautiful, very progressive « PDR: » Our relationship is very free, we discover new things together « DA: » This first season is a presentation; second we would enter more « GD: » We are a group of kids that in the end we all go side by side wanting to discover my sterio « D.A .: » Everything has happened, because we have lived together for two months « D.A .: » Now we have all become very friends « P.D.R .: » It could have gone very bad and it has gone very well «