Paul Stanley would act his father, Paco Stanley in bioseries

Paul Stanley would act his father, Paco Stanley in bioseries | Instagram

The actor Paul Stanley, shared his concern to be the person to play the remembered television character, Paco Stanley, in a new bioseries or documentary about the established comedian and host of “Pacatelas”.

Paul stanley, currently the host of a morning show, recently raised his hand in expressing his interest in embodying his father in a new project that would lead the life of the host, Paco stanley to the screen, so he hinted in a recent interview.

It was at the exit of Televisa, when the “Today’s driver“He confirmed to the media that his relatives are agreeing to see how they can make the life of his father known.

We would love to do many things so that they would meet the television icon that was Paco Stanley, because of course they want to go to the fateful end of what happened, but Paco was not just that, said the young artist.

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After being asked if he would like to give life to his father, Paul answered jokingly? “I do not know if I get the price.” However, he immediately added:

“I would love to personify him, we look a bit alike, my eyes are missing, but yes, it would be something very nice, to feel my father more, because of everything that happened, from the beginning, since he joined Televisa, because his story is very Linda, it belongs to a person who fought and exploited his talent and we could say that television did change a bit, the way of driving ”.

He also shared that both he and his brothers requested the services of a lawyer so that the name of the comedian would not be used by anyone other than his family.

Another issue that the press did not miss the opportunity to question him was about speculations about the relationship he has always had with substance use and the death of his father, to which Stanley stressed:

That is the problem, which is the only thing you remember and want to ask, as I told you from the beginning, Paco Stanley was not just what you mentioned, Paco Stanley was much more, his story is very beautiful and that is what interests us children to tell.

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We tell you more about Paco Stanley

Possibly, many current generations do not place much of the one born as Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero, known in the entertainment industry as Paco Stanley, the star was born in Mexico City on July 3, 1942, during his career he served as a comedian, actor and Mexican television host.

Mostly, his career was highlighted by conducting programs such as “Pacatelas” and “One after another!” Likewise, he also participated actively in politics as a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) for which he was a candidate for the first Citizen Assembly. by the III district.

Unfortunately, the life of the prominent television and radio program host had a sad end after he was killed at 12:08 pm, on Monday, June 7, 1999, the fatal events occurred in a restaurant called “El Charco de las Ranas “in Mexico City.

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The presenter was having breakfast at the restaurant with his colleagues Mario Bezares, Jorge Gil, his driver Jorge García Escandón and some of his escorts, after finishing his morning edition of one of the programs on Tv Azteca.

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