Paul Stanley attends the forum despite testing positive without fear!

Paul Stanley attends the forum despite testing positive without fear! (Instagram)

Paul Stanley attends the forum despite testing positive without fear! | Instagram

It was through his social networks that the famous and comical driver Paul stanley shared that he tested positive for virus and it seems that he is not afraid of infecting his colleagues, since he went to the forum without any fear, something that caused bad comments towards him.

It was during the morning of yesterday, Monday, November 16, that we were suddenly able to see Paul Stanley in front of the morning show “Hoy” and his presence caused great controversy on social networks because just two days ago the presenter confessed that he was tested for the virus and his results came back positive.

Through his social networks, the son of the deceased Paco Stanley announced that he would stay at home due to the results of his studies, however, yesterday morning Paul found himself next to Andrea Legarreta, “The Donkey ”Van Rankin, Yurem among other hosts on the show.

Now, to calm the waters a bit and reassure the audience that through social networks has been concerned about the presence of Paul In the Hoy forum, the driver confessed that said broadcast that was transmitted yesterday was recorded before he was subjected to the test.

That is why we were able to see Paul in front of the morning broadcast, since the young driver is currently isolated taking the corresponding measures to avoid further infections, since in recent weeks several of his colleagues have tested positive in the proof.

As you may recall, the first to test positive was the beautiful Andrea Legarreta, then she was followed by Lambda García, and that was how the bad news for the morning was just beginning, since on November 1 the producer of the program Magda Rodríguez unexpectedly lost her life. and two days after his failure, it was announced that his daughter Andrea Escalona and his sister Andrea Rodríguez had also tested positive for the virus.

For their part “El Capi” Albores and Martha Figueroa fortunately gave negative to said test, however, last week Galilea Montijo and Paul stanley They did not have the same luck, since the drivers unfortunately turned out to be infected.

On the other hand, for a long time, one of the strongest rumors that circulated around the program of “Today“He pointed out that Galilea Montijo wanted Andrea Escalona to leave the program due to problems between the two and just today they point out that this theory was proven.

Several comments revolved around the environment that existed between the two, since they pointed out, it was evident that they could not stand each other and in the moments in which they appeared close they reflected great discomfort.

It was through his YouTube channel, “Chisme No Like” where Ceriani explained that Galilea would have asked for the head of Andrea Escalona in 2018, when he arrived on the arm of his mother and his aunt, Andrea, the team with which the producer always came to work.

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Yes, Galilea Montijo asked for the head of Andrea Escalona “, Javier Ceriani assured in his program” Chisme No Like.

And now, although it seems that both conductors have overcome their differences, since even Galilea was one of those that was deeply affected by the departure of the producer and even in solidarity, many wonder if the truce they seemed to reach will remain firm despite Magda no longer being present.

So now we just have to wait, because it is almost certain that next year will be full of changes and surprises within the Program.

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