Paul Rudd and the Marshmallow Man star in Ghostbusters clip

Paul Rudd is featured as a star in the new promo video for Ghostbusters: Beyond. Another old acquaintance is also part of the advance … But not as he was reminded.

The premiere of the official sequel to the renowned franchise of The Ghostbusters, so that Sony your promotion process is beginning. A clip showing Paul rudd, who will have one of the main roles, interacting with The Marshmallow Man, is the central arc of the video.

However, the protagonists’ former nemesis reappears in a very different way than he did in previous versions, when he was a giant candy monster. Naughty enemy miniatures are now displayed.

Here you can see the new clip of Ghostbusters: Beyond:

Official continuation

In 2016 a new version of the legendary film delivery was released. However, in this one, the team was made up of women and was far from the original plot, which discouraged many followers, who hoped that the initial story of The Ghostbusters would continue.

However, in 2019 it became known that the production company was working to give followers what they had been waiting for: a sequence. Following the announcement, the participation of former cast members as well as Bill murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney weaver.

To the above, without a doubt, the great news was the incorporation of Paul rudd to the cast.

It should be noted that the film has suffered several delays to be released. Its premiere was scheduled for July 2020, but it did not happen. Subsequently, it was scheduled for March 5, 2021, a date that was no longer considered by the pandemic of Coronavirus. Now the project is expected to finally see the light of day on June 11.

Does the clip encourage you more while waiting for this new version of Ghostbusters?