It’s amazing how time passes. It will be 50 years since the release of McCartney, the debut album by the legendary Sir. Paul MCCARTNEY. According to the official publication of its website, Paul is slated for a truly special release for all his fans: a limited edition vinyl remastered at half speed. A true gem for all lovers of the former Beatle.

Photo by Chris Walter / WireImage

The launch was originally scheduled for April 18, the day after its anniversary. But with all this coronavirus issue, has had to be postponed until June 20, the day on which Record Store Day will be held. A wait a bit long, but really worth it.

In the release announcement, they give us a bit of the history of this great album: Originally released in April 1970, a month before The Beatles song “Let It Be,” McCartney saw Paul go back to basics. By writing each song and playing each instrument (with backing vocals by Linda McCartney), the self-titled album represented a creative renaissance, full of new ideas, experiments, joy and freedom. ”.

Photo by Chris Walter / WireImage

They continue: “Sonically, the aesthetics of the home recording of McCartney imbued the album with a true lo-fi spirit, a highly sought-after sound that still maintains a contemporary edge 50 years later.. In contrast to the professional difficulties that came with the disappearance of the world’s most iconic band. ”

To add and leave us savoring this limited edition, they also give us a few words about the importance of this album in Paul’s life. In a question and answer session from those times, Paul described the theme and feel of the album as “Home, Family, and Love.”. Something that is quite noticeable in the song “The Lovely Linda” and in others like “Every Night” and “Man We Was Lonely”. So you already know it, the expected date is June 20!