If anything gave us the slump this 2020 is that the concerts and festivals had to be canceled until next year, as the situation worldwide due to the coronavirus just does not improve. Many were the fallen soldiers, since the vast majority expected that by now the virus was controlled and they had a chance to put up spectacular posters, but unfortunately that did not happen and one of those affected was Lollapalooza.

It was in early June when the festival organizers made the conscious decision to cancel the party at Chicago’s Grant Park, leaving several with the desire to see live the lineup they would put together for this year (which even the headliners didn’t know about). Since then, many have been agitated because it was one of the most anticipated musical events of 2020, however, all is not lost.

Paul McCartney, Metallica and The Cure will lead the virtual version of Lollapalooza

Fans arriving at Grant Park in Chicago, where the Lollapalooza festival takes place / Photo: .


The festival will come to our houses

Just like many other festivals, The Lollapalooza itself will take place, but virtually. And we are aware that the feeling will not be the same, but while the massive concerts return it is an excellent initiative to warm up the engines. Is about an event that will last four days where we can see some remembered shows of the festival and the editions that are in different parts of the planet.

Throughout this day, we will have a chance to relive the performances of artists like Paul McCartney, Metallica, Arcade Fire, Outkast, The Cure, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more. Also, some other artists like Kali Uchis, HER, Kaskade, Louis the Child, Vic Mensa and more will be raffled with sets specially prepared for this virtual edition, so it will surely be a weekend full of excellent music.

As if this were not enough, there will also be special appearances of big shots like Perry Farrell (the festival co-founder), Michelle Obama, LL Cool J, Taylor Hawkins, Chuck D, Gus Dapperton and more. AND then we leave the full lineup of presentations for this virtual edition of the festival.

Paul McCartney, Metallica and The Cure will lead the virtual version of LollapaloozaPaul McCartney, Metallica and The Cure will lead the virtual version of Lollapalooza

This is the complete lineup of artists to be featured in the virtual edition of the Lollapalooza festival / Photo via Twitter: @lollapalooza

And when will I be able to see these Lollapalooza concerts?

If you got to this point it is obviously because you are dying to see the presentations that a lot of legendary artists have given in the Lollapalooza editions. That is why we tell you that virtual activities They will start next Thursday, July 3rd and will end on Sunday, August 2nd, the dates on which the festival will take place.

Each of the shows will be broadcast through the festival’s official YouTube channel, for now there are no defined schedules, so you will have to be on the shot during those days so that the presentation that you were waiting for so long does not pass you by. Maybe this year the Lolla is not done and the experience is not the same, but we have a chance to remember its greatness and hope that in 2021 it will return stronger than ever.