Paul Bettany does not have a contract nor does he know anything about the future of Vision Blanca

Image of White Vision in WandaVision 1x09: Episode 9 - At the end of the series

The Serie “Scarlet Witch and Vision” it somehow revived Vision. It is perhaps not the Vision we knew from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the one we might want to have, but at least one version of Vision exists in the MCU. The series ended up leaving the future of the character completely open. We do not know where he went or with what intention. In other words, the possibilities for the future right now are endless.

That is what they have tried to extract from the actor Paul bettany in a recent interview, that is, trying to know when we will see Vision again. Logic would invite us to think about “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, because there we will have Wanda again but no information has been heard in this line enters the large number of rumors that have sounded for the Marvel movie. Could it be that his next appearance in the MCU does not have any kind of relationship with Wanda?

It seems that not even Bettany knows what her next move will be in this regard. Or at least that’s what the actor in charge of giving life to the synthesized is trying to sell us. In a promotional interview for the series, regarding Disney’s campaign for the Emmy Awards, the actor explains that he knows absolutely nothing, nor does he even have a contract for a future project.

I am sincere with you. I still don’t know (if there are more opportunities in the MCU, ”Bettany says. I don’t have a contract. I do not know. I don’t know at all. And all I know is that when it comes to this kind of press fire [de nuevo con los actores], is to give you a push [a la campaña] of the Emmys. So it doesn’t look like that is going to happen again. I mean, I suppose it would be difficult to introduce White Vision and not deal with it in some way, but we have not talked about that.

Of course, it is hardly credible that they have not even had a vague conversation about what future holds for the character, of course it is also understandable that Bettany does not want to say anything. However, simply having said that they are planning something, it would not have been very revealing given the end of the series.

White Vision believed to be the true Vision at the end of the series before flying off, knowing his history with Wanda as a sentimental partner and his time in The Avengers. However, the producers of WandaVision did not explicitly show what happened to Vision Blanca when Vision of Reality sitcom makes you question who you are.

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