Paul Aguilar leaves America and has everything ready with his new team

One of the footballers of the Águilas del América who has been talked about a lot about his future within the Azulcrema institution is Paul Aguilar, a player who has become a history of the Club América for the titles he has achieved in the team throughout his almost 10 years playing for the capital team.

The rumors of his renewal were always little hopeful since America offered him a renewal with a short contract time (6 months) and a significant salary drop, reason why everything indicates the leader of the azulcrema dressing room decided not to renew with the team.

Although there was much talk that Pachuca offered him a three-year contract, so far it seems it was only a rumor or the footballer decided to turn the other way, as different journalists affirm that the player is tied to a Major team League Soccer in the United States.

Austin FC would be the team with which Paul Aguilar would already be arranged and he will become one more Mexican player in Major League Soccer in the United States and could even do it as a franchise player of the team, which is why he decided to continue his career in soccer in the United States, although there is another team interested in his services, Everything indicates that Austin FC will be the team where he will continue as a footballer.