Pau Gasol It has reappeared in public since the global quarantine began due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. The Spanish player has explained his current feelings about everything that is happening in an open letter published in The Players’ Tribune.

In said letter, Gasol appeals to the American people to be strong, since it is at this time that the disease is beginning to have a powerful impact on the country. Spanish speaks of Kobe Bryant, his ex-partner sadly died in January from a helicopter accident, as an example to overcome this serious problem:

“We must prepare for all the setbacks that will occur as soon as the reality that is on the horizon waiting for us arrives. This makes me think of something I learned from a former partner. The way in which he responded to all the obstacles that were placed on him on the way he was admirable. That was Kobe Bryant. The things he taught me are heard in my heart and mind these days more than ever. Right now we need his mentality. “

We will resist !!!!!!! ——————–

– Pau Gasol (@paugasol) April 1, 2020

In addition, Pau Gasol has spoken about the Olympic Games, of which he said that after participating in them in 2020 he would retire. Having been postponed for a year, it remains in the air whether or not to be present in them:

“I was preparing and recovering from a serious injury to be able to be in the Olympics. Tokyo was on the horizon and I was hoping to get on the coach’s list. But all of that was before the whole world was paralyzed.”