One of the collateral damages that sport could have in the coronavirus would be to deprive all fans of seeing Pau Gasol disputing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics… Or not? The IOC has already expressed the real possibility of postponing the appointment and in case the Spanish center managed to recover, the options should be established to see him again with the national coats. The Catalan is confined to the United States, trying to continue his recovery work in the midst of all the changes that the pandemic has brought about in the world.

“I am still in a stage where there is uncertainty about my future, but I am with hope and optimism. We give the bone time and continually check how it is going. The big problem with this injury is that I relapsed. Hopefully I can play again and all the effort I have I am doing have your reward. I haven’t been on crutches for a month and I have not worn an orthopedic boot either. I try to continue working in the pool and gym so that recovery does not stop, but we must wait until the bone is fully solidified to increase the effort load “, assures in the newspaper ElPais the Spanish, who still cannot clarify if he will play again.

His great motivation was to help the Spanish team in Tokyo 2020, but the fact that this appointment is in the air can generate various feelings in the Sant Boi. “I have been fighting this injury for more than a year, it is inevitable to think about the withdrawal, but I hope that the time has not come. It is being a very hard year. My injury, the Kobe accident, now this pandemic … I am a very positive person and I try to find the motivation surrounded by my loved ones. The wounds will take time to heal, “says Pau before elaborating on the loss of Kobe Bryant.

“It will take me a long time to assimilate it, I cannot express in words what it has meant for me. He left us an enormous legacy and I was very excited to see how everyone has paid tributes to him,” says the Spanish before speaking of the coronavirus. “It is time to be very responsible, follow the recommendations of the government and the WHO and win this battle. It will be necessary to reflect on what we are going to do as a society when all this is over and try to emerge stronger. The virus has caught us all off guard. and there has been overconfidence, “he says.

Questioned about whether a suspension of Tokyo 2020 Olympics it could alter his recovery work, Pau is cautious. “This is going to take longer than expected, I’m afraid. Everything is in the air and we will evaluate when firm decisions are made. I am sure that the best will be done for the health of athletes and fans,” said a man who could see as an advantageous eventual postponement to October, to have more time in the face of recovery. However, if they were postponed to 2021 or 2022, perhaps things would be complicated by the difficulty of Pau Gasol Can keep up with the pace of more seasons in the NBA.