Pau Gasol has talked about The Last Dance, the documentary that portrays the career of Michael Jordan and that has as its central point the last title won by the Chicago Bulls, that of the 97/98 season. The Spanish player has advanced that he believes that “a second documentary without Michael” could be recorded.

Gasol describes the ESPN documentary as “an extremely subjective portrait of Michael Jordan”: “He is very Michael, that’s why it generates so much controversy. I hope there is another documentary where Jordan’s presence is less, that there is another version of what happened to those years”.

The best Spanish player in history has made the statements in a business school and has influenced the little importance that, according to him, the documentary gives to MJ’s colleagues:

“I have really enjoyed watching it, but I think there will be a second version of The Last Dance without Michael Jordan in which all the companions who have not come out in this first installment will appear. Also without those who have received a negative impact from the Michael’s point of view. That will change. “

The Sant Boi player admits that it was an honor for him to have been able to play against Jordan at the beginning of their careers (when MJ played in the Wizards his last season): “I can say that I played against my idol, since he was the idol of the youth of the nineties and inspired many young people to follow his path. Jordan was a global icon of the sport. I was very nervous and felt more like a spectator who was hallucinating with his movements than as a basketball player. He had a lot of class even though he was 41 or 42 years old. ”