Pau Gasol, ready to debut


Act. At 10:14 CEST

Pau Gasol He already feels fully prepared to return to the courts and tomorrow, against Bayern in a Euroleague match, it would be the great moment for his return to the courts two years later to become a reality.

The Catalan pivot arrived in Barcelona on March 3, exactly 36 days ago, with the intention of being ready as soon as possible. At that time, the club was without a president pending the elections on March 7, but Pau already got down to work with the club’s physical trainers. On March 25, Joan Laporta was already the maximum president of Barça, The big day of the presentation arrived and Gasol already gave hints that his return was close.

SPORT already announced that this would be the week of their debut and a very real possibility is that it will be tomorrow Friday against Bayern. We are talking about a Euroleague match, which will be demanding, but at the same time inconsequential since Barça is already classified as first in the group.

A few minutes for Pau would be of incalculable benefit for the Catalan center ahead of Sunday’s classic, where things will get much more serious.

Everything points to this Friday

All the impulses indicate tomorrow as D-day Pau is readyJasikevicius assured last night in an interview on RAC-1 that he sees him prepared, and asked if he will debut Friday or Sunday, his answer was: “It may be, but we go day by day and we will have to see how it is on Friday & rdquor ;. In addition, he assured that “it is very good. His foot has responded and he is eager and responding very well in training so we are in the final phase for sure & rdquor ;.

On the other hand, Niko Mirotic in an interview in the Euroleague he assured that “The team needs a player like him on and off the court. He has improved a lot and I see him very well & rdquor ;.

And we continue with interviews. His brother Marc said that “I see you happy & rdquor ;. White and bottled … Pau is about to return and eager to compete again. It had to be at the Palau and the ideal was a match like tomorrow’s with nothing at stake. So ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. take your seats and popcorn so as not to miss Gasol’s debut with Barça … and if you don’t, you’ll see a good basketball game, that’s for sure.