The Spanish center Pau Gasol He explained that “it is time to wait” with his physical recovery because “right now it is difficult to access any health center” due to the coronavirus pandemic, while acknowledging that the idea of ​​playing again at Barça has “certain appeal” , but that his idea is to continue in the NBA.

04/06/2020 at 12:31


Europa Press

“(Back to Barça) is an option that it has some appeal, but I have always said that the longer he stays in the NBA, the more difficult it will be to play in Spain again, “Gasol explained in a video conference organized by the NBA with the American journalist Zach Lowe.

The center recalled that the idea of ​​returning to Spain is also around the head of his brother. “Marc recently said that he would love to play his last year in Girona., a place that means a lot to him, as much as Barcelona means to me. We will see. Maybe it will happen or maybe it won’t. I would still like to continue in the best league with the best players. “

Gasol, currently without a team and who will turn 40 next July, He explained that he still wants to “try” to go to his fifth Olympic Games, despite the delay to 2021 of the appointment in Tokyo, but that “the first” is to focus on what you can “control”, referring to your physique.

“The recovery of my foot is a process. Everything is in the air, we have to wait. Right now it is difficult to access any health center. I take it day by day, I stay strong and positive following my work routines, “he explained.

As for the pandemic, the former Lakers player stressed that “there will be an after all this that will be very influenced by what is done now.” “We don’t know what the new normal will be like, but it will be different and there will be a transition to get out of the confinement that will change our habits, “he stressed.