It is the dream of all culés since a beardless and spiky Pau Gasol leave the club on the way to NBA. His career in FC Barcelona It was as brief as it was impressive and prolific in titles, and the hope has always remained to see the Spanish center dressed in Blaugrana again. Juan Carlos Navarro tried by all means to attract him to the team and return to share the track with him, but Pau has been tremendously settled in the United States and remained an important player until the serious injury to his left foot. With the Olympics Tokyo 2021 on the horizon and the desire to play minutes if it is possible to recover fully, the opportunity to return home is reactivated.

And it seems difficult that Pau can enjoy an important role in a team NBA. His advanced age and the serious injury he is still trying to overcome can make the franchises not bet on this basketball legend, who can be punished by the fast pace of the American league. Questioned for this reason on Zach Lowe’s podcast, the Spaniard is much more receptive to the idea of ​​returning to his home club than he was in previous years. “I always said that my dream was to get the most out of my NBA career, I want to continue playing with the best and in the best league in the world and I was always aware that the more I could do it, the more difficult it would be to return to Barcelona,” assured a Pau who shares a dream of returning to his land with Marc Gasol.

“My brother has a similar thought to mine, but with Girona. For both of us it would mean a lot to return home and finish our career there. Although my idea is to continue in the United States, there is no doubt that the option of returning is attractive”, sentenced a man who will need minutes to be summoned by Sergio Scariolo to the Olympic event, as long as he definitively resolves the injury to his left foot. “My priority is to recover, now everything is in the air. I just have to focus on what I can control, there is no point in thinking about Tokyo. I must stay positive, go day by day. I think the coronavirus is going to make them delay a little deadlines, but I keep trying to work and be firm in my routines, “declared a Paul Gasol that makes all fans dream of his presence in Tokyo next summer.