The singer Pau Donés, known for being the vocalist of Jarabe de Palo, has died today at the age of 53, after a long fight against cancer. The Aragonese musician and raised in Barcelona was finalizing the details to bring to light a new album, of which he had recently presented a song.

His family has been in charge of announcing his death through a statement from Jarabe de Palo social networks: “We want to thank the medical team and all the staff of the Hospital de la Vall d’Hebrón, Hospital Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi, ICO (Institut Català d’Oncologia), Servei de Paliatius del Hospital de Viella and the VHIO (Vall Hebrón Cancer Institute) all their work and dedication during all this time, “said the family in a publication accompanied by a photograph of the singer. His family has also asked for “the utmost respect and privacy in these difficult times.”

Two weeks ago, Pau released a new single with Jarabe de Palo titled ‘Eso que tú me das’, which meant his return to the musical group a year after announcing his withdrawal from the stage to fight the disease he suffered from: “Eso That you give me is much more than what I ask. All you give me is what I need now. What you give me, I don’t think I deserve it, for everything you give I will always be grateful to you. So thanks for being , for your friendship and your company “, are some of the verses of the song, which is preview of the new album that will be released in September with the title Tragas o escupes.

Battle against cancer

The singer of ‘Jarabe de Palo’ announced in 2015 that he had had colon cancer surgery that forced him to cancel the tours he had scheduled for Spain and America. On April 5, 2016, he announced through his Twitter account that he had managed to overcome the disease, but suffered a relapse. The Spanish artist announced in October 2018 that he was abandoning music with the publication of an emotional video titled ‘Goodbye, but see you later’.

Pau was always optimistic about his disease and went on to say that the cancer in his life was being “like another anecdote, something unimportant.” The singer was always optimistic in his fight against his condition, and he kept his promise and returned to music playing for all his followers from the balcony during the past month of March, interpreting the theme “I’ll be back.” In it he wrote some verses making it clear what his great passion was: “I come back because the music back to my head has come back to meet my people and stay here forever, because stepping on stage is the only thing I think about, and to do what I have always wanted to do ”.