Paty Cantú sees a reunion of Lu impossible – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Lu was a youth duo of the pop genre that reached fame in 2003, it was made up of Paty Cantú and Mario Sandoval, who maintained a very close friendship, however they separated in 2007 due to personal differences, which they did not specify at that time, because only they said they were seeking increasingly disparate goals.

Cantú revealed for the YouTube program “Pinky Promise”, what were the reasons why the duet separated, apparently these reasons are enough for the artist to rule out any possibility of reunion, this according to information from Infobae.

“I know that he (Mario Sandoval) expresses himself very well of me and I appreciate it, but I would never make a reunion of Lu, they always ask me that, but no, sorry,” he revealed to Karla Díaz, host.

One of Lu’s most memorable hits was the song “Por besarte”, which was part of the musicalization of the telenovela “Rebelde”. In “Pinky Promise”, the singer revealed to Karla Díaz that she began her solo career because she felt that her musical work was not respected in the group.

The interpreter of hits like “Cuenta pending” told an unpleasant anecdote at the Metropólitan Theater that she lived with her musical partner Mario Sandoval; She explained that at that time they had prepared three concerts in a row and that she had a discussion with her duet, who left the dressing room without letting her finish expressing herself and because of that incident she wrote the phrase “even so, you leave and I stay talking to myself” for the song. “It was not enough”.

“We had a presentation at the Metropólitan, because I only did Metropólitan with him, he yelled at me horribly that the project was over, that day he came into my dressing room and told me ‘the project is over’. I spoke to my sister and after crying I went out as if nothing to give the missing presentations, I asked my sister not to say anything, “he recalled.

The singer explained that after that discussion, Mario Sandoval began to look for other girls to replace her, she said that she found out about this from a friend, who told her that Mario had looked for her as a replacement for Paty, since her plan was to continue with Lu, he also recalled that while this process was taking place, they continued to give concerts in other countries.

He also said that Sandoval sent an email where Cantú had to commit to conditions that would make her his employee, the conditions were that he could not compose more songs or get involved in albums, that he would decide to level his voice on the records and that she I could not comment on the production of the shows.

Paty Cantú did not accept such conditions and that meant the separation of Lu.

“That song seems to talk about love but no, it refers to all those years that I endured and endured thinking ‘where is my friend, who became like my brother’, in truth it was nothing father, I was very young , I was 17, 18 years old and there are things that I will never say about it because it does not even have a case, but I learned what I would never live again, “he explained on the subject” It was not enough. “

Although the singer Paty Cantú has remained extremely secretive about the romantic relationships she has had throughout her career; However, the Mexican singer surprised her followers with the vivid account of the romance she had with a very famous person. This is Josh Radnor, the actor who starred in the series “How I Met Your Mother.”

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, the singer of “Fortunately it is not you” confessed that she was a fan of the series and, especially, of the character “Ted Mosby”; a man who is dedicated to conquering the love of his life with extremely romantic gestures throughout the nine seasons of the show.

Due to his admiration, Cantú subscribed to the actor’s newsletter, a series of emails in which Josh was dedicated to analyzing some current issues. It was through this medium that Paty made contact with him and they began a conversation that would end in a fleeting, but fiery, romance.