Patrol 81. Daughter of a group leader took her own life

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Mexico City / 02.22.2021 11:35:56

During this weekend it was announced that Alma Rosa Medina Gámiz, 41, daughter of the singer José Ángel Medina, leader of the group Patrol 81, committed suicide. The news about this death began to transcend, without the musical group giving details of what happened; However, they did place several black bows on their social networks.

The incident occurred during the afternoon of last Saturday in Durango. The emergency lines had a report of a suicide. Minutes before 4 o’clock in the afternoon, a woman reported that upon entering her mother’s room she found her lifeless. So authorities arrived at the scene.

Alma Rosa Medina Gámiz, daughter of singer José Ángel Medina- leader of the Patrulla 81 group-, had cancer of the larynx. Besides that recently faced the contagion by covid-19.

Through social networks, the group Patrol 81 placed an image with a black bow, as well as the song « Puerto de ilusión ». Supporters immediately expressed their condolences.

It was on November 12, 2020, when José Ángel Medina Soto, composer and founder of the musical group Patrulla 81 died, as reported by the governor of Durango, José Rosas Aispuro. In his Facebook account, the state president published an emotional message, where he gives his condolences to the musician’s family, « which will make his musical legacy live forever. Rest in peace, » he said.

« With deep sadness, we receive the news of the departure of José Ángel Medina Soto, distinguished composer and singer proudly from Durango, founder of Patrulla 81. My condolences to his family and followers, who will make his musical legacy live forever. Rest assured in peace », reported the governor on social networks.