The ‘SpongeBob’ universe will expand like never before in the coming months. Nickelodeon’s Executive Vice President stated in 2019 that the series « has an incredible universe to expand later » And, indeed, there are already three productions derived from the original that are scheduled to launch in 2021 onwards.

As Deadline reports, Nickelodeon is closing the details to develop ‘The Patrick Star Show’, a spin-off starring Patrick Star. SpongeBob’s best friend would thus become independent with his own series that would have the same technical team behind it as the original. In the absence of official confirmations, it is unknown which chain or platform would offer the fiction.

Patrick will have his own spin-off

In principle, the first season of Patricio’s series would have 13 episodes. The spin-off would revolve around the family of the starfish and would incorporate new protagonists, although possibly the usual characters from ‘SpongeBob’ would make an appearance. Although it was expected that Arenita and Plankton would be the first to have their own series, in the end Patricio has advanced in Nickelodeon’s plans.

Third spin-off of the factory

‘The Patrick Star Show’ is the third series derived from ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’. The first and most advanced is the prequel ‘Kamp Koral’, which will use a 3D animation technique and will focus on a ten-year-old Bob enjoying a camp with his friends. Its premiere is announced for 2021 on the streaming platform CBS All Access.

On the other hand, Patricio’s spin-off is the second to be announced at the factory. The first would be starring Squidward and would have a more musical character, following the frustrated vocation of the character. Still untitled, Netflix would be the platform to broadcast it after an agreement reached with Nickelodeon, as noted at the end of 2019.