Patrick Schwarzenegger and his half brother Joseph Baena reunite

For the first time in 10 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children have been seen together: Patrick Schwarzenegger and his half-brother Joseph Baena.

At least a decade ago it came to light that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a child out of wedlock with Mildred Baena. At the time, her son Patrick Schwarzenegger was 17 years old.

Joseph Baena was 13 years old and the whirlwind that broke out then revealed that Mildred had been the family’s housekeeper.

It seems that after all, Arnold’s children have smoothed out rough edges, since for the first time they have been seen together and away from the social scrutiny to which the whole family was subjected.

The two went out to exercise together on the stairs in Santa Monica, California. In addition, Joseph was accompanied by his girlfriend, Nicky Dodaj.

It is encouraging to know that maturity has brought you back together to put aside any differences you may have had in the past.

Even though Arnold did not seem to have a very close relationship with Joseph, he eventually published photographs where the young man was seen at important moments such as his graduation.

It only remains to wait for time to heal any difference, so that together they continue to support each other and enjoy their family that has been growing more and more.