“It had to happen …” Invited in the program C à vous broadcast Tuesday, September 15, 2020 on France 5, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor reacted to the announcement of the departure of Jean-Pierre Pernaut from the 1pm newscast on TF1. And the departures of the news … he knows a lot! Indeed, after thirty-two years spent presenting the newspaper on the first channel, the one nicknamed “PPDA” had suddenly been kicked out of its famous time slot. The former companion of Claire Chazal, who has never been invited to the premises of TF1, however wished good luck to his former comrade. Better yet, he whispered some advice to him by SMS, as he explained to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in C à vous.

“In a text message, I told him: Welcome to real life.”

“Welcome to the post-JT world, is that what you wished for him … For you, everything is going well?” Asked the presenter of France 5. Amused by this question, Patrick Poivre d ‘ Arvor got right to the point: “In a short text, I even said, ‘Welcome to real life.’ Because television cannot sum up a life. There you go, it’s nice, it’s great and we do it with passion but it’s not just that. There are other things. It was Les Guignols who said that “, he confided, a smile on his lips. However, PPDA did not fail to tackle the first channel on his ousting … Would the snake have trouble passing? Likely.

Asked about the fact that Jean-Pierre Pernaut announced his departure himself, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor immediately made the comparison with his last news twelve years ago : “I think he had to deal with a more intelligent, more understanding management. They must have told him that it was he who would announce his departure, which is still more glorious. We are not going to take time and we’re not going to do that on a corner of the table like it happened to me. From this point of view, they have learned lessons. And that’s good because Claire Chazal had been fired in conditions that were not well worthy neither. ”A page that is definitely hard to turn for the former JT presenter …

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