Much has been said about how this break will affect the most veteran tennis players. If we add to this a recent maternity and four Grand Slam finals lost in the quest to achieve the long-awaited 24th grand, the uncertainty about the effect of this pandemic on the legs, the racket and, above all, the mind of Serena Williams is more than justified. Who can get us out of doubt about this? Who knows him best, his coach, the French Patrick Mouratoglou.

Ordering thoughts, priorities and the need to train more or less are, without a doubt, big questions in the present for Serena Williams, whose personal circumstances make her sporting challenges more complex. His technician believes that this break will be good for ex-number 1 in the world. “This break has been good for Serena because she has had time to rest and her body needed to rest. Her motivation has not changed and she is still as motivated as before to win more Grand Slams. ”

It is in relation to that reading that leads Mouratoglou to think that players as experienced as Williams, the break will affect less, being a situation more within their undoubted ability to manage adversities or setbacks. “For someone like her, and probably the same for Roger, Rafa or Novak, having so much experience will allow their game not to be affected even if they have been out of the courts for so long. And we have seen the best, someone like Roger, for example, coming back from a six-month injury and winning a Grand Slam as soon as he came back, as he did in 2017. Only those players can do that. “

However, Patrick sees a substantial difference for tennis players when it comes to programming their motivation. And it is the absence of tournaments every week. “A tennis player always has a short-term goal with the next tournament. And this is their motivation. This has not happened during this period and they don’t even know when the next tournament is, so they have to find other ways to fuel their motivation. It is a challenge”.

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