Patrick Mouratoglou He is one of the men of the moment. His exhibition, the Ultimate Tennis ShowdownIt is doing relatively well, with no negative health cases to regret and showing enormous spectacularity, both in background like in shape. His premise of ‘revolutionizing tennis’ is far from becoming a reality in the short or medium term, but, so far, his tournament gives all tennis fans quite appetizing entertainment these days with no action on the circuit. ATP or WTA.

But sooner or later the UTS will say goodbye and the ATP circuit will enter the scene again. It is a tour designed to fit a large number of tournaments in a very small space, conditioned by the dispute of the Us Open in that kind of ‘bubble’ that the USTA promises to impose to control infections by COVID-19. It is a risky plan, of doubtful viability for many and of high need for others (especially for those tennis players who need the money from major events to survive). Be that as it may, it is a plan that has all the ballots to be carried out.

These recent events, which indicate the dispute of the Flushing Meadows tournament, have been questioned by the coach of Serena Williams, who even today seems to doubt that the celebration of the Us Open 2020. Patrick expressed his doubts in an interview with Sky Sports from Sophia Antipolis, Nice, the residence of his Academy and where players like Tsitsipas or Berrettini are measured to reach the UTS crown. “With everything that is happening right now in the United States, with the positive cases of COVID-19 increasing day by day, I’m not sure it could happen. From the outside, it seems crazy that can happen. “

He is not entirely catastrophic or extreme, however, the Gallic coach. In fact, his hesitation is due to the place of dispute of the tournament: if the circuit returned in Europe, according to him, the thing would change: “I would not say this if the situation was relatively stable, in the same way that it is in Europe, then it would be a different story. But it is that in the United States, and especially in New York, the number of cases is very high.”

In this sense, Mouratoglou raises a possibility that would consist of a last resort, a kind of ‘nuclear button’ that would deactivate the dispute of the Us Open 2020 and postpone it for the last year. He refers to this thinking of an exaggerated upturn in positive cases, and being clear about who is the only person with an alleged power to do so: the Governor of New York. “I don’t know how reasonable it is, and I don’t know if it could happen that, at the last moment, the Governor of New York decides to cancel it because, of course, health always comes first.”

Be that as it may, it is clear that the critical voice of the Neuilly-sur-Seinne coach will not be the first or the last to rise due to the conditions to which the Us Open will be subjected. Mouratoglou is the last to express his doubts, and between now and August prepare to hear many more statements that deny the viability of the American Grand Slam. Only time will tell who is right.