Patrick Dempsey says he left Grey’s Anatomy because the environment was “really toxic” – .

With season number 17 about to return, the legendary Grey’s Anatomy series is once again talking about, and not only because of its episodes, but because one of its protagonists, Patrick Dempsey, has spoken of his abandonment.

Playing Derek Shepherd, Patrick broke away from the romantic plot for which he became famous five years ago. What was not known is that his goodbye also meant the farewell of his character, who would not appear again.

Since then, many have been the people who have tried to find out the reasons why the actor left Grey’s Anatomy in such an unfriendly way, and Ellen Pompeo’s statements a year and a half ago, made it clear that there was a bad atmosphere in the shootings. Even she herself considered leaving in “many moments.”

“We had serious cultural problems, very bad behavior, a really toxic work environment,” said the leading actress of the plot, who decided to continue due to the money she would earn during those years.


For his part, Dempsey has given an interview to the British newspaper The Independenty, where he seconded the words of his former partner: “I think that any time they are in an environment where you work 17 hours a day, six days a week, it is very difficult to maintain that healthy environment ”, he began by pointing out.

Despite saying goodbye after maintaining that “toxic culture”, the actor wanted to make it clear that things were for the better later: “I noticed that things changed with respect to how the leadership of day-to-day operations was managed. There is already more equality in the team and in its dynamics. People have grown, changed and learned, and they have turned it around. That’s what life is about”.

It was then that Patrick Dempsey changed settings and registers, choosing more complex roles such as that of the television adaptation of the novel The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, and Devils.

However, the actor returned to participate in Grey’s Anatomy, in a chapter in the form of a dream. “It was a very special experience for everyone. We all cried and many things were stirred from us, emotionally speaking. It was something very healing ”, he concluded.

Source: As Mexico